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Service Conditions


You can view and download the Service Conditions as a pdf file (Requieres Acrobat Reader).

Documents sent to Traducciones Salízites
Traducciones Salízites understands that all document delivery from the client will be carried out without need of Traducciones Salízites returning them. If you wish these documents to be returned, please, advise to this effect on your confirmation order. The costs derived shall run wholly to the account and risk of the client.

Do not send original documents, when ever possible
Traducciones Salízites does not take on any liability for the return and due reception of the documents to the client. Such documents will be sent exclusively by registered mail or messenger to the charge and risk of the client.

Delivery of the translated documents to you
The return of the translated documents will be carried out by email or fax. Any other way of return shall be to the client’s charge and risk.

Delivery date
The translated document’s delivery date will be recorded on the confirmation order. If there were a delay, the agreed price will automatically be reduced by an amount that will reach, maximum, a 5% of the total value of the affected part of the order. If the delay is not attributable to Traducciones Salízites, such as those produced by failures in the Internet provider’s server, such reduction will not be applied. In this case, Traducciones Salízites will deliver the translated documents by fax or messenger, taking charge of the delivery cost derived in its case.

Reception of your translated documents
In no case, may the client demand a reduction of the agreed price over the 5% of the total value of the affected part of the order due to the delay in the delivery. Please take the necessary time to check the integrity of all the documents you receive from Traducciones Salízites via ordinary postal mail, email or other procedure to the effect. To do so, it is enough to resend the email (for example, “Received: Documents Reference [...]”.This confirmation will not mean you agree with the translation carried out.

You will have 3 days counted from the delivery date to check the integrity of the texts and their correct translation. If any defect, error or omission is detected in the delivered texts, please, advise as soon as possible to proceed to correct such defects.

Style corrections
It is understood that a style correction of a correct translation is not a correction in the strict sense of the word.

Confidentiality Guarantee
Traducciones Salízites is committed to keep in total secret all data, internal or external information received from the client to carry out the translation project. Likewise it is committed not to reveal circumstances, personal or business data of its clients or their employees to third parties, and in particular, to competitors.

Traducciones Salízites’s liability for errors, omissions or any other existing condition in a document translated and delivered to the client shall be limited, maximum, to the total price value agreed to with the client for the translation project and in no case will cause a compensation higher than this amount. The client is not entitled to replace the present conditions with others established by him or assert different conditions to the present ones.

In the interpretation and execution of the order conditions and the translations order, the parties submit to the Spanish legislation, with express renounce to any other jurisdiction that may correspond, submitting to the Courts of Madrid. The Spanish version of the present conditions shall prevail over any other language version.

Invoicing and payment terms
The invoices will be issued 3 days from the translated document’s delivery by Traducciones Salízites and delivered to the client. The payment term is 8 days from the date of the invoice issuance.

Forms of payment
If in a term of 3 days from the date the translated documents are delivered to the client, no correction is requested, it is understood that the translation is approved. The costs derived from the payment of the invoices shall be to the whole charge of the client, including all bank fee in concept of transfers or others. If the client does not proceed to the invoice payment in the agreed term, with no need of other communication, notice or instalment concession, the client must assume all cost derived from the collection and proceedings of the unpaid invoice, including all the costs of transport, translations, lawyers and attorneys, as well as the trial costs or any other cost that Traducciones Salízites would have due to it. The agreed rates are understood as basic taxable amounts to which the V.A.T. or I.R.P.F. (Personal Income Tax) that correspond, will be applied.

Data Protection
With the delivery of the existing forms in the Traducciones Salízites (TS) Web pages, you agree with the processing and storage of the data supplied in the TS’s data base. The supplied data will not be revealed, given in or sold to third parties. You have at all moment the right to rectify or cancel all data supplied through this form. To do so, it is enough to send an email to, indicating the changes required or your wish to eliminate this data in TS’s data bases, located at the following address: Calle Arenal,1-2-D;28013 Madrid.;;
Please read the service conditions. The use of the present page implies the acceptance of these conditions, that may not be replaced by other conditions established by you. TS shall not accept liability and is free from all liability derived from the use of the present page. Likewise, TS shall not assume any
responsibility derived from the contents of other Web pages linked or of connections from other Web pages to the TS pages.----

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