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How is the price of a translation calculated?


Exact price:

Total number of words x Rate/word =
Price of the translation + VAT

1 page with 20 lines and 12 words/line
Total number of pages x 20 lines x 12 words x Rate/word = Price of the translation + VAT



Target language

Rate per source word
General texts, letters

Rate per source word
Specialized text


German / English


0,075 €

0,090 €



0,075 €

0,090 €

Spanish / German

Inglés (consultar)

Minimum (<251 words) 20 €

Minimum (<251 words) 25 €


German / Spanish

German / Spanish

0,03 €


cutive Interpreta-tion

German / Spanish

German / Spanish

1-3 hours: 250 €;
every additional hour: 90 € / hour+ travel expense (40 € / hour)

Specialized fields
Get your quote! with detailed information

Linguistic advice (information on the content of writings with no written translation, composing letters, cultural information, calls to Germany, secretarial services, support assistance at fairs and similar events…)

German / Spanish

45 € / hours

Get your quote! with detailed information

These rates are indicative.
Discounts on volume and depending on the rate of repeated words (assisted translation programmes Trados, Across).
In order to draw up a fixed quote the original text is needed or a representative part of it.
The texts that are not editable (i.e. jpg), or that have to be converted to readable formats (i.e. Word) will have a surcharge depending on the time taken in editing.  

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